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A Message from the Founder of Adoramus Ministries

Greetings and Welcome to the Fr. Robbie /Adoramus Ministries Website.

Founded in 1975 after a career in teaching music, and performing for the public through concerts, television, radio, dinner clubs, festivals and more (see History Link), this ministry was founded for the purpose of Evangelization through Retreats, Workshops and Christian Concerts. 

It is an honor to have served so many communities of faith in the past, (Retreats Link),  and I look forward to serving yours in the near future.

To request a retreat, workshop or concert, contact :

204 - 237 - 7899


To listen to my CD’s, take note of places where I have served or read my portfolio, please click on the links that are provided here.

Peace and all good,

Father Robbie  


Father Robbie/The Adoramus Ministries

Mission statement:" To Adore God in Spirit and Truth” John 4:24.

Our objective is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of God, through retreats, workshops and Christian concerts, for parish missions, retreats for religious congregations, schools, colleges and universities, .

I began composing Sacred, Classical and contemporary music in the 1970's.

I responded to an inner calling to compose a 10 part Mass, after attending a Eucharist in Toronto Canada’s St. Michael's Cathedral. It is in this place that I decided to use my God given gifts for the Lord and God's people.

I composed the "Celebration of Hope and Joy", a classical mass, and a hymn to the mother of Jesus, using the words to the traditional Hail Mary.

After this I was invited by the Jesuits of St. Paul’s college, University of Manitoba to teach the “Celebration of Hope and Joy Mass”, to the choir students and became the composer in residence for two years. This gave me the opportunity to compose more music and direct the choir for the baccalaureate celebrations as well as other celebrations for them.

I was invited by the late archbishop of Winnipeg Cardinal George Flahiff, to teach, direct the choir and perform the Celebration of Hope and Joy at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Winnipeg for his Episcopal anniversary of ordination.  I continued to perform sacred and contemporary music that I composed at various events, such as churches, and at concert Halls with such notables as, Dionne Warwick, Jose Feliciano, Sonny and Cher, Ocean, Lighthouse and other recording artists and performers.

With a deeper interest in liturgical music, I began studies in liturgical music at St. Joseph’s College in Indiana, directed by the Fathers of the Precious Blood, who specialize in classical and sacred music. I completed this program and graduated with a Certificate in Liturgy and Sacred Music.

I then went on to study theology for several years at Laval University in Quebec City where I graduated with a Bachelor's and Master’s degrees, a Certificate in Management, and a Canadian Certificate in Facilitation with Marge Dennis, PhD. (U of Toronto) and a Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education (U of Winnipeg).

I was ordained to the priesthood in 1985, by the late archbishop Antoine Hacault and have done ministry in the following areas ever since:

Parish Ministry, Teaching Sacred Music, Chaplin full time for Hospital and a Halfway House for the mentally challenged, Music and Relaxation Music for the mentally challenged at a centre directed by the Grey Nun's of Montreal in Winnipeg called Sarah Riel, Vocational committee work for the diocese and vocation response program for over 50 Catholic Schools in Canada, Director for Baptism and Marriage preparations programs, Director for Catholic Education for a elementary and junior high school.  I organized an archdiocesan event on vocations inviting all congregations in the Archdiocese to come and present their community and their ministry through slide shows, dialogue and information to all who attended, Director of  Prayer Groups and a base community for eight years, Grief and Loss workshops with music and song for the past 21 years , for those who grieve, and Director of Retreats in the archdiocese and abroad.

In 1989 I began receiving requests from outside of our diocese to conduct retreats, workshops and missions for religious congregations, parishes, schools, private directed retreats, and for groups of school teachers, and other Christian groups.

After consultation with my Archbishop and with his approval to accept these requests from outside of the diocese I began to travel and facilitate these sessions.

I have been in this facilitation ministry since 1989 and continue to respond to the requests from bishops, priests, religious sisters and brothers, parishes and schools. If I can assist your group in any way, please contact me.

Father Robbie McDougall












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